Hearing Examiner Public Hearing: ZV-2020-052 and SP-2020-053, Ivarsen Ball Street Short Plat and Variance

Date:  Monday October 05, 2020 (10/05/20)

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October 5, 2020 Public Hearing –Ivarsen Ball Street Short Plat and Variance, Files #ZV-2020-052 and #SP-2020-053

The Hearing Examiner held an open record public hearing on the proposed short plat and variance at 1:00PM, Monday, October 5, 2020 via Zoom Webinar. There was no physical location for the hearing due to COVID-19 closures. Based on the information presented to the Hearing Examiner and testimony at that hearing, the Hearing Examiner made a decision whether to approve, approve with conditions or deny the variance request and preliminary short plat application.

Public Hearing Materials

Notice of Hearing Examiner Decision

Hearing Examiner Decision

Hearing Examiner Exhibits:

  1. Staff Report
  2. Short Plat Application #SP-2020-053
  3. Notice of Application
  4. Revised Variance Application #ZV-2020-052
  5. Revised Variance Narrative
  6. Revised Application Map
  7. Mary Comment Letter
  8. Ewing Comment Letter
  9. Berg Comment Letter
  10. Melder Comment Letter
  11. O’Neil Comment Letter
  12. Soren Comment Letter
  13. Notice of Public Hearing
  14. Applicant Response to Public Comments
  15. Glenn Taylor Comment Letter
  16. Applicant Response to Glenn Taylor Comment