Recycling Facility


1675 Third Street

Recycling Facility Hours:
Monday - Friday, 7 AM - 2 PM
Saturdays are seasonal; Opens the first Saturday in March and closes the first Saturday in November

Closed all Holidays

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Curbside Recycling is now provided by the City Solid Waste Division. Here are a few resources that will help explain this service:

Free Service to Opt-Out for Delivery of Phonebooks, Catalogs and other Unwanted Mail at

The Washington Department of Ecology invites you to join their Facebook page for the 1-800-RECYCLE Hotline!

Please visit their page, “like” them, and “share” it with your Facebook friends. You'll find Green Tips on Tuesday, Shout Outs on Mondays, Throwback Thursdays, Trivia on Friday, and other interesting recycling information.

Check out the 1-800-RECYCLE Hotline Facebook page to:

  • Post recycling questions and receive answers
  • Locate recycling facilities and events
  • Learn ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle
  • Share innovative recycling ideas

If you know of a useful recycling website, facility, or special collection event that we don’t have listed, please share it on their Facebook page. They want to learn from you, too!

The Recycling that we Accept for Free at our at our city recycling center:

Newspaper, cardboard, mixed paper, aluminum, metal, glass all colors, and tin cans, motor oil, vehicle batteries, and household batteries. We also accept packaging materials: All block styrofoam, formed styrofoam, large styrofoam, any packaging which has styrofoam, styrofoam peanuts and bubble wrap. When recycling appliances and tires at our site you will have to pay a fee, please call ahead for price of disposal.

Electronic Waste:

The City Recycling Center is an Authorized Collection Site for most electronics such as televisions, computer monitors, computers and many other types of electronics.

Light Bulbs/Tubes:

The City Recycling Center is now an Authorized Collection Site for Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL), High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps and Fluorescent Tubes.


Related Documents and resources:

  • Washington Statewide Plastic Bag Ban (RCW 70A.530) Updates
    • As you are hopefully aware, the statewide single-use plastic bag ban is scheduled to go into effect when the  COVID-19 state of emergency declared in RCW 43.06.210  is lifted or otherwise altered by the Governor's office. At such time, we would like to make sure local governments have the opportunity to engage with businesses as they adjust to the new requirements.
    • With input and feedback from stakeholders statewide, Ecology published a downloadable and customizable toolkit of outreach materials for business owners and the public to understand the most critical elements of the statewide bag ban. This toolkit is available on the Ecology Bag Ban Webpage and will be translated into 23 different languages in the next few months.
    • Ecology is aware of potential issues with paper and plastic bag supply that may impact the ability of some businesses to comply with the ban. As such, we are encouraging local governments and businesses to move forward with all planned outreach efforts to help businesses understand the details of the ban should the new law not be delayed.
  • Event Recycling Brochure
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Recycling Projects:


Crushing the Concrete and Ashalt
crusher crusher2 rocks
 Using the Concrete and Asphalt at the City Hall Project
Recyled road base for city hall 6-25-07 014 6-25-07 016
6-25-07 013 5-28-07 009 5-28-07 008