Public Comment

What Is the Purpose of the Public Comment Period?
The purpose of the public comment period is for members of the public to inform city council members of their views. This is an important function, and it is critical for the elected officials to listen with care to the public and to consider what they hear in their deliberations.

Why the Public Comment Period Is Not a Chance to Dialogue?
While listening with attention is critical, the city believes that it is best not to enter into dialogue with the public during the meeting. It is highly challenging to give accurate responses on critical and complex issues on the spot. In general, the city does not respond during the public comment period. However, the Mayor may provide brief factual information, if appropriate.

How to Make Public Comment?
Members of the public may make public comment at any city council meeting during the public comment period. City council meetings are held on the first (with the exception of June, July and August), second and fourth Wednesday of each month. If in-person during a regular meeting, those wishing to make public comment may sign-in with their name and association with the city. During the public comment period, the Mayor will first offer the microphone to individuals listed on the sign-in sheet then open it up for public comment.

Public comment is restricted to three minutes or less.

Because state law prohibits the use of city facilities for the purpose of supporting or opposing a campaign or ballot proposition, we respectfully request that public comment not make reference to such matters.

You may also provide public comment in writing or through email to the Finance Director / City Clerk at any time. If you wish your public comment to be included on city’s website with the City Council Packet, provide by 10:00am the Thursday before the meeting.

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What Is the Difference Between Public Comment and Public Hearing?
A public hearing is primarily intended to obtain public testimony or comment before significant decisions are made. A public hearing generally occurs as part of a regular meeting but may also occur at study sessions or special meetings. A public hearing is obligatory when due process is required, or when a specific statute or local regulation requires one. The City may also hold a public hearing when it desires public input on a sensitive or controversial policy issue. Separate from a general public comment period, public hearings also input public comment periods specific to the topic of the public hearing.