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Week or A Day Without Driving Challenge

Oct 15, 2021
October 2021 Event News
Week or A Day Without Driving Challenge

Could you go a week or a day without driving? Take the new October 22 – 29 Week Without Driving Challenge or try it for a day. Folks who take the challenge commit to using other forms of transportation than their personal car to bring awareness to decisions made around transportation planning and funding. Approximately a quarter of all Washingtonians cannot drive due to ability, age, or other reasons such as lack of a license or no access to a vehicle.

Many organizations are sponsoring this challenge including Disability Rights Washington, All Aboard Washington, Cascade Bicycle Club, Climate Solutions, Complete Streets Bellevue, Downtown on the Go, Everett Bike Walk, Feet First, Front and Centered, Futurewise, Hopelink, Kirkland Greenways, Living Well Kent, Move Redmond, Seattle Neighborhood Greenways, Seattle Subway, Share the Cities, 350 Seattle, Transit Riders Union & Transportation Choices Coalition.

How the Challenge Works

You can get around however you want, but you can’t drive yourself in any car. This applies to all your activities — not just your work commute. And if you normally transport other family members or friends, it applies to those trips too.

The experience is so you have a better understanding of the barriers non-drivers experience in accessing communities. It’s also a practical way to save energy.

If you decide to do the challenge, you can ask someone else to drive you, but make a note of how much you “owe” this person in their time, and if you felt obligated to support them in other ways. Make a note of how much the person should be paid for this time. You can use ride-hail or taxis, but make a note of how much it costs.

Disability Rights Washington can be consulted to partner you with a non-driver from your community who can be your “technical advisor” and can give you tips on how to get around.

When you finish your week, take a few minutes to tell Skagit Transit about your experience by emailing