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City Garbage and Recycling Services Limited due to Weather

Dec 28, 2021
Our garbage trucks are out running today and this week, but we have very limited abilities because of the weather conditions. Thank you for your patience.

All this below is predicated on safety of staff, equipment and personal property.

For Yard Waste: if your pickup was Monday, we are asking yard waste customers to wait until their next pick up. We are not making up that day. We will take any extras the next pick up. If we can't make it, we can pick them up next week, it will be on their garbage day, next week only.

For Recycling: we are out today doing our best-efforts. It's very slow and we may not get to everyone today. If we don't get to everyone, we will start at that point the next day. We are encountering frozen materials in most if not all of the carts. We are not get any missed carts this week. We will send out the truck next week when it warms back up. Put your carts out on the usual day and we will make a special pick up.

Residential Garbage: Same issues with frozen materials. Going very slow. We are not going back for any missed carts today. You can put out extra if needed next week after it warms up.

Commercial Garbage and Recycling: We are picking up only urgent accounts like assisted living, hospitals, apartments and other accounts that cannot be without service. If we can get others safely then we will get them.

Again we can catch everything up next week!!

I hope this helps answer questions, that may come up.

Leo Jacobs
Solid Waste Supervisor
City of Sedro-Woolley