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Sedro-Woolley Public Works Asks for Your Help

Jan 13, 2022
Dear Sedro-Woolley Residents:  During the recent snow events, the public works department spread approximately 150 tons of salt treated sand on city streets to help melt the packed snow and ice and help traffic with traction.

Now that the snow has melted, we now have the task of sweeping up the sand that was laid down so that it does not wash into the storm drain system.  The city has approximately 48 lane miles of city streets, and 4 miles of state highways that it will take multiple passes with the street sweeper to pick up.  Our sweeper operator will be operating our single street sweeper 5 days per week for the next month to get it all picked up.  If possible It would be very helpful if city residents could park their vehicles off the street for the next few weeks until we get the sand picked up.  This will make it easier for the operator to sweep the entire surface of the street from curb to curb.  We thank you very much for your help and consideration.

Nathan Salseina
Public Works Operations Supervisor